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Yes, The Silly season is upon us – and say what you will, whilst most of us pondered Euro 2021 with very low expectations, after so many ‘years of hurt’ – England knocking Germany out of the tournament has brought a palpable excitement to footie supporters across the UK;  all we need is for our Football team to go on and lift that trophy in just over a weeks’ time… 

As life struggles to get back to normal post COVID’19, many of us have been relishing the convivial atmosphere of the local pub – and let’s be honest, we don’t need a lot to tempt us.  Our National team going through will do nicely thank you.   

However, we are finding that many people are choosing to watch the games from home to safely enjoy viewing with family and friends, and avoid crazy bar bills;  Truth be told, safety does get a little tricky after a few goals and even more pints;  it is sometimes difficult not to cheer and dance and sing along with the crowd.    

So all these new ‘Do’s and Don’ts seem to have seen more than a fair few folk take their food, drink and convivial company into their own back yard to enjoy the sporting fixtures …..  and after all, what’s not to love?  TV on full volume, great company, great food …. Let’s hope we can proclaim great football too!    

Fear not – whilst this Football tournament is drawing to a close, and the regular sporting calendar gets under way (we haven’t forgotten F1 and Wimbledon),  we begin looking at the 2022 World Cup, which is only short 11 months away.  

Here is where we get smart….. If you are green with envy, seeing some banging garden parties in open spaces, the time to act is right now.  GTS can give you the perfect Summer Venue for 2022 with the simple installation of some Bi-Folding Doors to extend your home and bring the outside in.  Add a little combo of a Veranda & some nice garden furniture and you are all set. You too can have the hottest venue for the 2022 Summer sporting line up.   

Why not jump online and get yourself a simple quote from our website and price up any work you fancy in minutes – Remember… these types of work increase the value of your property and are a great investment.   You too can be enjoying outstanding use of your house/garden for all the sunny days and garden parties for years to come.