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The time has come to look at upgrading your homes’ windows, and you are stuck deciding which type to go for, as there is such a wide choice available in the marketplace.  With an eye on the future, selecting a sympathetic style will in fact increase the value of your property, which is why the team at GTS can advise you on what is popular in the marketplace and more specifically, what suits the local area for maximum impact. 

So, once you have decided on style, you need to decide if you want to go uPVC or Aluminum?  So what is the difference?  We decided to break it down for you into detail in this month’s blog so you have all the facts at your fingertips! 

Why choose uPVC Windows? 

uPVC Windows are a great choice if you’re looking for brand new Double or even Triple Glazing to help insulate your home; installing uPVC windows can help you retain the heat in your home and save you money with your central heating! Other benefits include; 

  • uPVC tends to be a cheaper option to Aluminum 
  • uPVC Windows are easy to clean, with a simple wipe they’ll be back to showroom standard 
  • uPVC can last as long as 20 years – which means a one-time payment, can see you for decades without needing a replacement. 
  • uPVC maintains its colour and doesn’t fade during its lifespan 
  • uPVC is a lightweight material, meaning the installation time can be done in a day 
  • uPVC is versatile, meaning it will not rot, peel or warp with minimal maintenance 

Why choose Aluminum Windows? 

Well after reading the above, you might be sold already and think why would Aluminum even be an alternative option? Think again, this style of windows is as popular if not more, and here is why…. 

  • Aluminum tends to be stronger than uPVC, meaning the frames can be slimmer and have a larger glass surface due to the strength of the frame. This is why you will notice they are the go-to choice of most commercial & public buildings.  This can be a good benefit for Residential homes too, if you’re looking for a larger design! 
  • Aluminum is designed to withstand some very extreme conditions, here in the UK we have cold winters and (on occasion) the summers can get pretty warm too! Aluminum is very durable & can provide ample integrity when it comes to withstanding the elements! 
  • Aluminum windows are environmentally friendly, they are recyclable and with as little as 5% of the energy needed to recreate the original metal they are a top choice amongst the eco-conscious out there. 
  • Powder-coated Aluminum is extremely durable, meaning whatever colour/finish you choose – it will last for a very long time! This metal has a greater design flexibility than uPVC, so you will find the range of colours to offer much more than the counterpart. 

So, taking into consideration all of the above, which one do you think is the better option? If you are still undecided, our team of experts will be happy to consult with you on potentially your style of property and help you with the decision.  We have installed thousands of windows and doors across many, many properties in the UK – and there is no better team on hand to give you the best advice than at GlazingTradeSupplies in Kettering. 

We can’t wait to hear from you! 

Team GTS