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Autumn has arrived, the tree’s are turning their leaves to those wonderful shades that makes this season so pretty for all of us. As the day’s draw to a shorter length with daylight & the clocks go forward, it’s the perfect reminder to do your pre-winter checks on your Windows & Doors at home before the cold bed’s in for the chilliest time of year.

It’s no secret that properties in the winter endure the toughest conditions of the year. Untreated properties can actually get severely damaged by rain, snow & hail not to mention some of the other elements of those cold nights if they’re not prepared correct, no different to a cliff face eroding away slowly from salty air & a stiff wintery breeze.

Set yourself a reminder annually to run a visual check of all your windows & doors around your home.

This simple check starts by ensuring the functionality of your locks, and full operation opening and closing your windows and doors. If you’ve got one window that’s particularly stiff or sports a non-functional mechanism – these are your tell tail signs that something needs to be done! Age can be a big factor of these non-operational windows by letting you know it’s time for an overhaul. How about the seals? When you close your windows, are they all closing with a tight snug fit (keeping all that lovely, expensive warm air in your home!?) you don’t want a draft of cold air compromising your central heating throughout the winter!

Performing mini-maintenance

Once you’ve reviewed all your mechanisms, if you find any loose fixtures or fittings – grab the tool box and give them a tighten if they appear loose or replace if faulty. By ignoring these signs, you could be forced into purchasing a whole new panel rather than a simple easy tighten of your loose culprit. Loose handles or hinges may just need a spot of lubrication (WD40 being your best friend here) to improve their function! If you’re not handy, there’s no job too big or small for the team at GTS and we’d be happy to assist in any mechanism maintenance.

Replace any broken doors or windows!

Out with the old in with the new? Jump on the GTS website ( for a full list of windows & doors available to order. If you can have a quick measure, you can actually pop these details in our online quotation system for free to get yourself a free quote and find out how much that awesome style number 17 on your road has that you’ve always though “those windows would look great on our home” would be….

Contact us at GTS and we’ll fit you in asap heading into Winter to keep you safe and warm through the season ahead, after all nobody wants to be shivering on Christmas eve because of a damaged window or door do they!