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Environmentally Friendly Windows and Doors

At Glazing Trade Supplies we are very conscious of the impact some building materials have on the environment. Therefore we always endeavour to source our products from companies who operate their business with the same philosophy as ours.

Liniar offers a range of high quality A rated PVC-u window and door systems that’s the envy of the market. When compared with materials like wood, PVC-u causes a significant reduction in heat loss and therefore buildings fitted with PVC-u windows and doors require less heating and so emissions are reduced. Furthermore, PVC-u materials reduce the need to chop down trees and hence help prevent the devastating effects of deforestation.

All Liniar window profiles are manufactured using a lead free compound which is why we are proud to offer these as our first choice of window to our trade and retail customers.

Our composite doors from Rockdoor are available with Carbon fibre reinforcement., there is an option to have steel mesh reinforcement for added security. They are made in the U.K. and best of all they are thermally efficient reinforced frames so will match perfectly with our windows.

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