Glazing Trade Supplies

A bit of a different piece this month from Glazing Trade Supplies, as we have recently brought on a new apprentice in the form of a 9 week old German Shepherd; Smokey. 

For those of you who have never owned a dog, the companionship is like nothing else. They are your best friend, all of the time; they are loyal, friendly and always ready to play! 

For everyone else – you will already know why Smokey was a necessary addition to the GTS team, for no better reason than the happiness she will bring to the squad and our customers for the next 15 or so years.  It is a given that Smokey is going to be seriously molly coddled so that she turns into the biggest softie going! 

We are going to train Smokey to be customer friendly, which of course, as you know, is integral to being part of the GTS Team.  She will be tasked to consistently keep the floor clean and may even ‘slurp’ the odd marking on a window, if they aren’t kept spotless by the fellas on site.   

Smokey has already been appointed Top Food Compliance officer, entrusted to ensure that edible goods do not appear before Lunchtime – and if they do, she will demand her percentage ‘fee’ to enable consumption outside of those hours! 

So, when you are next passing through Kettering, you now have another reason to call in to ask about your windows/doors/conservatories etc and be sure to ask after our newest, friendliest team member, Smokey. J  

That’s all for August, we hope you all enjoyed an amazing Summer! 

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