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Spring has sprung and long sultry summer days are heading this way….  Ok maybe that is a little wishful thinking, but it is true, summer is just around the corner, bringing with it is the prospect of days spent outdoors socialising with your friends and family…. And my goodness we have certainly waited long enough for that!  

Here at GTS, after a spot of morning banter in the tea room, we agreed collectively that due to Lockdown, we have spent more time at home collectively in the last 12 months than the last 5 years combined.  Maybe the biggest winner here has been the family dog who has relished having its owner at home all day.

Once the clocks spring forward, summer mode follows.  Unfortunately, 2021 looks to be another year without a foreign holiday and so it is time to start planning ahead and put that money saved to good use in a practical way.   So with another summer spent dining al fresco at home, the burning question is…. Is your property ready for the summer solstice?

Maybe it is time to implement a little home improvement, by bringing the outside in and pushing the inside out; and so, what is the easiest way to achieve this?   

One fabulous and effective way to fashion your garden as a practical extension of your home, is to install bi-folding doors at the back of the property creating a seamless entry/exit point between the house and your outside space.  Having doors that will push back to almost nothing and create a wall of glass is a great way to let in light, create an illusion of space whilst adding value to your property.   It also makes summer socialising more fun as the inside space blends out into the garden and also takes the pressure off when the hostess is moving half of the kitchen outdoors. 

Whilst avoiding the topic of landscape gardening, another way to add impact to your property and bring the outside in is to fit a veranda.  A beautiful structure overhanging your entry point, will offer shade and protection (because the sun will shine at some point) and will also create a great focal point to set out garden furniture.

Easy to fit and you could argue, something which will pay for itself in the long run,  Bi-Folding doors and Verandas are a definitive focus for GTS over the coming months leading into Summer.  

If you feel ready to bring the outside in and take the inside out, why not jump on our website and get yourself a simple quotation, which can be sourced within minutes.  You will be surprised at how cost effective this is.  If money is tight, there is always a finance option to manage easy payments and be able to enjoy the benefits of a property upgrade right now.   

If like many of us you would rather speak to an advisor in person, please do not hesitate to get in touch.  We would be only too happy to help you find the right solution for your problem in a no obligatory manner.  We are here at your service.