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The clocks go back this week (aide memoire…. Fall back Spring forward …. ) and no sooner are we trying to work out whether we lose or gain an hour (bingo you gain one this week) than it’s Halloween and Bonfire night. 

As the neighbours’ kids line up at the door trick or treatin’ I wonder how many of us are looking at that front door thinking maybe it’s looking a little shabby and could do with a sharp new model to brighten up the front of the property?   Yes you are not alone there… not that the kids will care, all they want is the chocolate you’ve got in the bucket.

So it’s Halloween, quickly followed by Bonfire night and then a quick descent into the festive season.  With just 8 short weeks to go, there isn’t a lot of time to plan and execute home improvements.  However, the good news is that we can plan now to get that work scheduled up for execution in the Spring.

Cold dark nights remind us that home insulation is paramount and the sooner those draughty old windows are replaced, the more money you will save.  With energy prices set to increase, there has never been a better time to get ahead of the game.  Also, money invested in your property is money well spent for when you come to sell and move on.

Of course, since Brexit and our departure from the EU, lead times on many manufactured goods has gone a bit mental – but we’re proud to say that here at GTS we have an outstanding turnaround time on all enquiries and we continue working towards good delivery dates. We always aim to be on time and more importantly keep our customers updated with time frames of their order.

So as you start thinking about decorating your property for the festive season, don’t forget to bear in mind that something a little bold on the outside would be money well spent.  For further information, jump on our website and get yourself an immediate quote for a variety of different Windows and Door treatments within minutes. 

GTS remain here at your service.  

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