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It is common practice these days for companies to imitate a ‘Google Company Culture’ and celebrate together the joy of victories whilst taking any losses as a team on the chin.  As a Company, GTS very much emulates this way of thinking….   an army marches as fast as its slowest member.   Inherently, we have always looked to recruit the best in the market to join our team and equally ensure everyone works together to maintain our reputation as a company of excellence.  With this philosophy as our mantra, GTS has always maintained an impeccable company record on all fronts.   

It is very rare for GTS to receive bad feedback because, we pride ourselves on maintaining communication and paying attention to detail during the installation process, ensuring everything is finished and tested to the highest standing, safeguarding against any issues.  9 times out of 10 problems arising will be from a faulty product which can be swapped out immediately with minimum fuss.    

The other part of maintaining an impeccable reputation is what we like to call the ‘Ronseal factor’ – does what it says on the tin.  If GTS quote for a job, we will ‘over estimate lead times’ so, if possible, we can finish ahead of schedule whilst maintaining a realistic approach to the timeframe.   We like to consistently improve on our estimates – be it time or budget, so we maintain a positive impression on every job we put our name to.  

COVID has brought new challenges to our suppliers, and understandably so.  The world has adapted from what was to what is ….   many companies are operating in a totally different way to the business world Pre-COVID19.  The difference on our supply chain has been quite profound.  Custom made goods can no longer be turned out at a moment’s notice.   Manufacturers are working in a new market place and stepping up to the plate to meet demands of its customers, albeit with a few snagging issues.  

This news does not warrant GTS seeking alternative options.   We will continue to support and work with the incredible suppliers we have been affiliated with for many years.   Now is the time for revised business practices and a little patience whilst re-establishing our position in the service industry to meet the needs of our customers.    

In conclusion, GTS are pleased to announce that we are busier than ever – our forecasted installation times and products have experienced delays, but, with upfront time schedules we hope that you, our customer will have a little understanding and in return you will receive an outstanding service and product that has always been provided by GTS.    Remember to jump online for your own free quote from our website within minutes & check out how a brand new look can be obtained in minutes from our website :  

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