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Have you ever wondered why house designs in your area, all tend to look pretty similar?   The answer is simple.   When property developers are commissioned to build say 50 – 200 houses, they instruct an architect to plan a development which will be aesthetically pleasing.   

When planning a new development, Architects and Builders tend to favor a particular brick, roof tile and style of window, using local materials, to create something which will give the development a community feel and essence of style.   

Once approved, the Developers will then use the same blue print to design properties from 1 bedroom starter homes to 5 bedroom detached houses, all in keeping with the chosen style, thus retaining that community feel.   

Over time, homeowners look to enhance the original style of a property, whilst keeping within the boundaries.   This begins with small things; A well planted garden, a colorful window box  or sometimes solar panels up high  …..   However, in our opinion, a change of windows and doors can make the most significant change. 

Today we are more aware than ever that it is important to support local businesses.   We know, that when we shop local – we aren’t helping a CEO buy their third holiday home, we are directly keeping the local community vibrant.  It is powerful stuff when you think of it like that. 

So, what other advantages are gained other than supporting your local community?   

  • Ease of admin for a start ….  When dealing with a nationwide company, prepare yourself for an in-depth game of phone tag if you need to chase up lead times or encounter minor snagging issues.  Unlike a local supplier with whom it is likely you will have developed a friendly relationship and will pick up the phone to you.    
  • A large percentage of planned work for a local company is won predominately by referral and word of mouth.  Local companies are very client focused and are keen to retain a happy customer.   Every happy customer is worth a potential 30 new business enquiries. 
  • Keeping your pounds in the community!  There is more than one way to support your local economy.  Local businesses not only make your home look good, but they support the community too!  These are the people who support the local football team and they are the ones donating their products to the local community raffle – Pounds spent locally, tend to stay local! 
  • Supporting local businesses means creating jobs for the local community. All of the qualified staff GTS employ are from the local area, by booking work with us you’re supporting local families creating jobs in your local area.

    So, there is a high probability that when you are considering a new style of window or front door, GTS will know your area and your style of property, which is a something a national window company may not be able to lay claim to.  This knowledge gives us the edge when helping you to choose a product which will not only look great, add value to your property and enhance the community.    


    Our team of highly trained experts are keen to sit down with you and discuss your requirements, to ensure that you get the right product for your property.  They will then be on hand every step of the way to advise and assist.  


    We will make sure that you feel the benefit of choosing a locally owned company …. Glazing Trade Supplies.