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Sunny days are here and summer 2022 has certainly arrived with a vengeance.  Never let it be said that the cup here at GTS is anything other than half full, but it is a fact that the nights are drawing in again and it won’t be long until you’re firing up that boiler to keep warm. 

So, as you sit back in your deck chair, beer in hand, let us give you a few reasons why it would be a good idea to get busy now and tick off some of those jobs that have been lurking on the ‘To Do’ list for a little too long.

  1. Summer is the best time to get your windows replaced!  There is a lot less disruption  to your household changing the windows when it’s warm outside.  It’s human nature to put things off until they hit you in the face, but, get those windows sorted now, and by the time winter arrives, you will be ready for it and not only will your castle be looking ship shape and draught free, it will help to keep those power bills down.
  • Why not speak to us about adding an extra room to your property in the form of a conservatory?  A beautifully placed garden room will not only increase your floor space, it will bring increased enjoyment to those evenings summer or winter and will add considerable value to your house. 
  • Fed up with looking at those awful garage doors?  Give us a call and let us quote to replace them.  Again, it will not only sharpen up the look of your property, it will also add value.  The cost is a lot less than you would expect too.
  • Bi fold doors have become very popular over the last few years.  On the right property, it can make a dramatic difference to the look of a property, let the light flood in and give you a fabulous view out onto the garden.

If you would like some advice about how GTS can help you make a difference to your property, why not give us a call on 01536 515560 and one of our friendly Team members will be very happy to talk you through it.  Alternatively, pop onto our website: and get a free quotation.  

Enjoy your summer!